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Age 3-7


What is Physical Literacy at this stage?

Children need to develop their basic physical skills during this age phase. The key is to develop a range of travelling movements, body management skills and ability to control objects such as beanbags, bats and balls

What can I do to play my part?

Community clubs should be a key contributor to this stage. Opportunities to develop these skills through resources such as Play to Learn take place in the home and in school, but importantly should also be addressed in the community. The key to getting it right for community clubs is working together with the school and the family. A child’s experience should be consistent and engaging, whatever the environment.

Is this a gap in provision in your community or club? Could you support the development of this?

The skills within this downloadable table should be developed at this stage. Community clubs may find the Play to Learn package useful in developing an offer for this stage. For more information click the link below.

Resources and useful links

The Play to Learn website could also be useful to you. It brings to life the characters from the resource using 3D animation. It has many features including storytelling, activity ideas, and skill development.

The Play to Learn resource materials are available to purchase via our website shop.

For further information about Play to Learn opportunities in your community, please contact your Local Sports Development team or any of the National Governing Bodies of Sport.

Ideas in Action

We’re busy collecting examples of how others are making huge strides in this area to share with you – keep checking back for updates.

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