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Age 7-11


What is Physical Literacy at this stage?

Ideally by this stage children have developed the basic skills and now have the opportunity to have a go at all types of activities. A multi-skills approach to delivery will allow children to apply their skills into any environment and become a multi-skilled individual.

What can I do to play my part?

As a key contributor at this stage community clubs should be looking to provide a multi-skills environment. It is a multi-skills offer that will enable a child to become an all-rounded athlete across all sports. The Dragon Multi-skills and Sport resource supports the delivery of this phase by community clubs and is the next step from Play to Learn.

Could you support your community with this agenda? Are you supportive of a multi-skills approach for children in your area?

Resources and useful links

The Dragon Multi-skills and Sport resource materials are available to purchase via our website shop.

For further information about Dragon Multi-skills and Sport opportunities in your community, please contact your Local Sports Development team or any of the National Governing Bodies of Sport.

Ideas in Action

We’re busy collecting examples of how others are making huge strides in this area to share with you – keep checking back for updates.

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