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Age 11-16


What is Physical Literacy at this stage?

It is vital to remain engaged in activities at this phase as other factors can conflict during adolescent years. Ideally teens will now have the option of pursuing a wide range of sports / activities. This is extremely important at this stage to help build social interaction skills.

What can I do to play my part?

Physical activity is crucial at this age, helping to develop important life skills and healthy habits. Encouraging children to stay active can be a key factor in keeping them on track. Your role as an advocate for physical activity is very important at this phase as factors such as body changes, image and peer pressure come into play.

Resources and useful links

For further information about general sports opportunities in your community, please contact your Local Sports Development team or Sport Wales on 0300 300 3111 or

Ideas in Action

We’re busy collecting examples of how others are making huge strides in this area to share with you – keep checking back for updates.

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