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Age 16-21


What is Physical Literacy at this stage?

During this phase, school/college/work often plays an important part in life. Young people have a choice here to play recreationally with friends, competitively in their chosen sport, or engage in coaching and volunteering opportunities.

What can I do to play my part?

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is important that engagement in physical activity is continued into adulthood. Physical activity can also be a great stress reliever, which will come in handy around high-pressure situations at this point in their lives. You can play a part at this stage by encouraging them to seek out opportunities to stay fit and active. These opportunities could involve taking part competitively or for fun, or coaching and volunteering in the community.

Resources and useful links

For further information about opportunities for patients to stay active in your community, please contact your Local Sports Development team or any of the National Governing Bodies of Sport.

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