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Age 40-50


What is Physical Literacy at this stage?

Maintaining health and wellness is key at this phase. Those involved in sport previously may need alternative options such as the gym, 5-a-side games or fitness classes. Staying fit and healthy should be a priority.

What can I do to play my part?

At this stage in life, many different responsibilities command time. This can result in a drop on the levels of physical activity. There is a danger at this point of health issues creeping in placing additional stress on the health service.

Having the option to also meet up with friends in a fun, social environment gives the feel good factor and motivates older adults to stay engaged and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Options such as family friendly activities, recreational activities and even adapted versions of sports can offer opportunities for individuals at these stages in life. All of these options are available for you to signpost patients to within the community.

Are you in a position to signpost patients to appropriate physical opportunities in the community?

Being able to do this could offer an alternative prescription to prevent and/or address health concerns.

Resources and useful links

To discuss opportunities in your community, please contact your Local Sports Development team or any of the National Governing Bodies of Sport.

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