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Age 11-16


What is Physical Literacy at this stage?

It is vital to remain engaged in activities at this phase as other factors can conflict during adolescent years. Ideally teens will now have the option of pursuing a wide range of sports / activities. This is extremely important at this stage to help build social interaction skills.

What can I do to play my part?

At this age other things often get in the way of taking part in sport. Your role as an advocate for physical activity is very important as factors such as body changes, image and peer pressure come into play.

The 5x60 programme in schools and the community encourages engagement in a wide variety of different sports and physical activities. You can get hands on in promoting this programme within your school – helping to get everyone active in something they choose to enjoy.

At this phase you have the opportunity to become a Silver Young Ambassador, which would help you develop a wide range of leadership skills. You could then work towards Gold level and Platinum status, which will set you up for your future.

Would you like to become involved in this work?

Resources and useful links

For further information about 5x60, general sports opportunities in your community or the Young Ambassador scheme, please contact the National Young People Engagement Coordinator, Emma Roberts on 02920 338287 or

Ideas in Action

We’re busy collecting examples of how others are making huge strides in this area to share with you – keep checking back for updates.

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